Shadows Fall

Session 1

In the first session, you all found yourselves bumbling around various areas of Sander’s Reach. While perusing the wears of the local shops or drinking away at the pubs, you all noticed town couriers posting official notices. Upon investigation of the decree, you learn it’s a requisition by the city guard for assistance to a public matter.

You followed the directions on the posting to Gaelmoor Tower. Once at Gaelmoor, you entered the massive courtyard to meet Elsef Yusgrov, Secretary to The Towneship Council. After registration and a brief wait, to test your combat expertise, you found your self in the midst of a battle royale. Seeing as most of the individuals that responded were commoners and peasants, you found yourselves on top, with a MOSTLY passive approach. Once combat had subsided, the only remaining were the six of you and one very stout Norseman wielding a whip.

After passing the “test,” you were invited to a feast and rest inside the lavish towers of Gaelmoor.



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