Shadows Fall

Session 2

After completing the initial test for selection by the Towneship Council, you were offered a room for the night, located in the tower. Upon awakening, you realize all of your possessions are missing. You each leave you rooms and enter the main hall. There is a breakfast feast prepared. Some of you indulge yourselves, others are suspicious.

With a closer look, you notice there are no doors or windows in this room, not even the door you entered from. Upon casting a detect magic; you find that literally everything surrounding you, including the food, is enchanted. After several futile attempts at deciphering the situation, you figure out it’s simply an illusion and walk out the door.

The tests continue for five days; testing various aspects of critical thinking. Upon completion of the final test, you enter the great hall, only to be greeted by the entire council. At this point, they disclose your task. You are to track down a mysterious band of thieves that have seemingly recently became overly organized. With very little information to go on, you begin your investigation.



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