Shadows Fall

Session 3

You begin just after receiving your orders from the Towneship Council: investigate the thieves. You were given a short list of names, consisting of various forms of robberies and burgles. Only one name was disclosed for Sandertowne. It’s believed the Nobles are too proud to reveal a momentary weakness.

The first two people you interrogate is Verwyn Gilnal, a well known elven aristocrat, and Thimble, his loyal house gnome. From this investigation, you’re able to determine that these “burglars” may be more talented than previously perceived. You were also able to gain a second name for a victim in Sandertowne: Ansrlon Iaimlia. Upon speaking with her, a botched bluff quickly soured the conversation, causing the door to be slammed in your face.

You also looked into a few of the caravan owners that were ransacked. At this point, no real pattern was noticed. Various goods, various time frames, various races, etc. You were able to discern that most, if not all of the caravans that were hit are no longer in the city.

Later that night, the party split. Piper and Rogba hung back in Sandertowne to setup a night patrol. This patrol turned out to be rather uneventful. Believing you may have had a loose liped lead, the rest followed Rogba’s new “friend” Thimble to Brown Sugar, down in Thieves’ Landing. A few drinks and a little question with the staff turns up that Thimble seems as loyal as he says.

Last but not least, while the latter group was enjoying the tavern, Galbrad decided to enjoy the company of a prostitute. After performing his dead, you all notice that he leaves the room alone. You quickly investigate to find out that he had strangled her. After speaking with the bartender, you fork over some coin in order to be rid of the situation.


[WITH A STEREOTYPICAL NERD SLUR] Um… in the, uh, fourth paragraph, uh, you wrote “After performing his dead…”
Clearly, I hope, you meant to put “deed,” instead of “dead” as that is a grammatical error of the highest regards.

Session 3

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