Shadows Fall

Session 4

In session four, you guys had to come to the difficult terms of a party member killing in cold blood. He disclosed to you the true nature of his ancestry and his tendencies towards innately evil actions. After some deliberation, Galbrad decided that he would obtain some magically enhanced tattoos to hopefully bolster his ability to resist the urges. We’ve yet to see whether or not this method has been any benefit.

The group also decided to continue following their leads as to the motives behind the break-ins. Piper shared a connection with a fence at his regular pub, The Jagged Glass. The most info he was able to disclose was that a large chunk of gold was handled through Dave the Rat, a fence with more seedy ties in Thieves’ Landing. Thinking this chunk of gold may be the remnants of a statue taken during the recent burgles.

When connecting with Dave the Rat, you were given an offer. Find a way to allow the coffee addict sleep and he’d give up some info. Unfortunately, you Bard gave him his slumber before you could pull the info.



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