Shadows Fall

Session 5

After your Bard per-maturely knocked out your Rat, you decided to drag him to your rooms until he woke up. After 36 hours of sleep, he finely arose, not knowing you or where he was. After some talking from Piper, Dave sealed his lips, claiming he was missing a sum of money from his person.

Once his lips were sealed, Krahog decided to implement some advanced interrogation methods. Intimidation doesn’t seem to be having the affects that were originally planned, so slamming him into a wall seemed to be the direction to take. Upon taking this hit, Krahog felt a sharp pain in his side. After looking into this pain, a sleeve blade is discovered concealed by Dave. Once more damage was taken, nearly dropping your berserker, a second sleeve blade is discovered. In an attempt to keep this from going any further, both his arms are broken. Krahog then throws him across the room and Sammel casts Hold Person, while others bind his hands and feet. Piper runs downstairs to inform the in keeper the noise was nothing to be concerned with. Upon return to the room, Dave is convulsing and foaming at the mouth. Attempts to cure him of his ailment are found to be in vein and he perishes. No info is gathered. At this point, you then discover that discover that Rogba is the root of the missing coin. You also find a silver and onyx eye emblem on Dave’s corpse.

Upon losing your one solid lead, you grasp at the few straws you have left. You ask around the Landing about Dave and the people he normally dealt with. After a futile search for information, Kaillum and Piper are approaching by a mysterious cloaked figure. He offers a warning… “We know who you are, who know what you’re doing, we know who you’re asking about. You’d do well to stop.” He then disappears, but Piper is able to follow a trail, which lands in Marblegate. Kaillum also notices an emblem matching the one found on Dave’s corpse.

When you regroup and learn of the warning, there’s an epiphany about the emblem. The eye is recognized as a symbol Cayden Cailean and there is a temple devoted to him located in the Landing. This appears to be the next best lead available.



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