Shadows Fall

Session 6

You found yourselves following your final lead, which lead you to the temple of Cayden Cailean. Piper, Turgrim, and Rogba lead the way. The rest of the party remained outside to keep watch and await information. Rogba disguised himself as a drunken gnome, questioning the temple priest about his beliefs and entertaining him with his sweet banjo skillz. In the meantime Piper found his way to the back room, where he obtained the temple ledger and a lockbox. He also found a false back with a stash of the eye emblems.

After Rogba and Piper leave the temple, Turgrim witnesses a gnomish temple patron enter the back room then exit the building. Upon pursuit, he looses the trail.

After regrouping at The Jagged Glass, Piper shares what he’s found. While discussing a game plan, the three that entered the temple notice the Gnome enter through the back. To attempt to force pursuit, the leave the pub, but the Gnome does not follow. He instead speaks with the barkeep, then exits the back. The remainder of the group follow him out the back. After following for a moment, everyone is able to catch up and detain the Gnome.

Piper remembers a location where certain interrogation techniques are a little more acceptable. You take the Gnome there and place him on a stretching rack. Galbrad volunteers to man the crank and turns it the wrong direction a few times. This nearly causes a group conflict, but none the less, you are able to extract valuable intel. The Gnome is willing to take you to the Shadows.

He leads you back to the temple and takes you through an entrance hidden in the giant flagon statues, behind the alter. After being lowered by the “Ale-vator,” you are greeted by Joseph Grendal, the council courier. He then takes you through the facility, where you speak with another familiar face from the council. JeZara Suran, council representative for Spellwell, then informs you of the twisted intentions of the council and his fight for the downtrodden of the city. You now have to decide who you’re willing to fight for.



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