Shadows Fall

Session 7

After being given the information that who you were tracking may not be the bad people they’re portrayed as, you decided to ask questions. With these questions, you’re able to determine that Meriad Sander may not be direct decedent of the found of this city. You’re also informed her rise to power may not have been through the most angelic means.

Finding this to be a hard pill to swallow, you retreat back to your hotel to sleep and think on the situation. In the night, Sam is awoken by Joseph with a message. There is a caravan that will be heading to Sander’s Reach from the coast. You’re tasked to intercept this caravan.

Not being as stupid as you may seem, Piper asks around about any competition there may be on the road. You find out there is a choke point through the woods were caravans are most often hit by bandits. You’re also informed of some regular bandits that hold the area, but have no ties to The Shadows. After the investigation, you borrow a few horses from the [[Sander’s Breach Guard]] and head out for your destination.

Arriving with ample amounts of time, you scout the near by woods. Upon scouting, you discover a small band of 5 Orcs that appear to be behind the caravan robberies. A plan is devised to trap the caravan near they Orc encampment, hoping that the noise will draw the Orcs out to do your fighting for you.



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