Shadows Fall

Session 8

The ambush has been set. You awaited the caravan and pushed your plans into action. After waiting for the scout to pass, the Orc topples the tree, trapping the wagons. This causing quite a stir, distracting your Krog and causing him to charge the guards. With his charge, 5 other Orcs also appear from the woods charging as well. One Orc pauses with a perplexed look on his face. After a moment of contemplating, he exclaims “KROOOOOOOG!” and charges your Beserker.

At this point swords are drawn, arrows are flying, and people are falling asleep. With all the commotion, half the party decides to partake and the other remain in hiding. The fight is going moderately according to plan, in the sense that the Orcs are in combat with the guards. Only you were not expecting to be a part of it so quickly. Along with this, it takes only a few quick axe swings from the leader of the Orc band and Krog falls to the ground.

After spending some time finishing off the rest of your opponents and you brought your tank back to consciousness. You then decided to check the Orc camp. You send the cat to scout ahead. From high in a tree, he notices some rather demonic looking wolves lurking about. They then approach the trunk of his tree and begin sniffing the air, seemly communicating g with each other with various growls and clicks. Trapped, he fires an arrow at one of the fowl creatures.

Hearing the yelp of a wounded dog, the rest of the party is alerted to the situation and quickly head for the camp. When they arrive, there is nothing to be found. The Worgs quickly launched an ambush, but to no avail. They were quickly dispatched, ending the encounter.



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