Shadows Fall

Session 9

Upon returning to the road, Krog in his infinite wisdom, is completely unaware of who this other Orc was and why he was so upset. After a BRIEF interrogation, Krog beheads the bound creature, to the disliking of Sammel. With a headless Orc, it appears you have little chance of knowing who this crazed Orc was. Luckily you’re Bard remembers that these were members of the Grumak Clan, of which Krog had murdered most. On his person, he had a particularly powerful Axe with a blood red heart crystal crafted in the center and a mysterious aura surrounding it.

While this murder was happening outside and party members are burying bodies, you’re faithful assassin and wily half demon search the wagons. They discover one has crates full of what appear to be miscellaneous mundane weaponry. Nothing special. In the other however, there are three chests. A few trap searches/disable device checks later and they are open. There is a trove of enchanted items here. They spend some time deciphering the enchantments and separating the items for each party member.

You then proceed to the Orc camp to loot the treasures there. You find several crates of more mundane weapons and rotting food. You also find more chests, each filled with coin. Suddenly, the cats ears perk to a sound deeper within the woods. After stealthily scouting, he discovers a whimpering coming from what appears to be underground. He then brings it to the attention of the party and after a prolonged search, an underground structures is discovered. The content, cages with small slaves, most dead.

Upon closer inspection, its noticed each are wearing a ring, which turn out to be Dungeon Prisoner Rings. You bring the one living prisoner back to consciousness and question him, with little information to be gained. The only determination is that it appears the city might have ties with an underground slave ring. Your party then convinces the Bard to put one of the rings on. he then realizes it will not come off.

The party then splits; half taking the slave to a hotel and the other returning to the Shadow’s Safe House and divvy up the loot. You also speak with JeZara about the details you found.



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