Sammel Lejose

Disciple of Truth


str 7
dex 10
con 8
int 20
wis 20
cha 14

melee 0
ranged 2

AC 16

fort 2
ref 1
will 8


Sammel was raised as a disciple of Irori, living the studious life of those monasteries. Sammel was raised to believe that there is no greater achievement than the attainment of knowledge. For the first 60 years of his life he spend most of his time delving, not just into books, but into entire libraries.

As is the custom, at his coming of age, Sammel departed the monastery alone in search for new knowledge to add to his school. Sammel was fascinated by diseases and epidemics and spent decades documenting their spread, their nature and even their cures. When Sammel discovered a cure to a major disease, called the devil’s cough, he spent the next year going from city to city informing the doctors of the land of how to manufacture and administer the cure. This was the final year of Sammel’s mission. When he returned to the monastery, many of his former instructors were very impressed but, after reading his journal––especially the part about his year spent administering a cure—they were confused.

“What knowledge did you acquire during this time, young Sammel Lejose?”

“Not very much, I admit, but I had already accomplished much. More than any mission I’ve seen in the past decades. My intention was to use this knowledge to cast the light of life over the countryside.”

“You must atone for your wasted time, Lejose.” His head instructor said. “You have missed the value of the knowledge you spent your entire life attaining. If we spent our time on practice, we would all be blacksmiths, fighters, and politicians. How would our libraries grow if we did this? For us the value of knowledge is not in it’s practice but in the pursuit of that divine state of knowing.”

Sammel spent the next many years, not as an instructor as he had planned, but maintaining the libraries. It was during this time that an unknown plague spread. The monastery quarantined themselves for a while but it was not long before monks succumbed to it. The head instructors requested that Sammel work for a cure, despite their previous admonitions. Sammel successfully developed a cure in a matter of weeks. There was only one fatality in the monastery, and the head instructors were very pleased. As a reward they offered Sammel a position as an instructor.

Sammel knew, though, that his cure needed to be distributed. That hundreds of thousands would perish if he stayed in the monastery. So at 128 years old, Sammel set out with his cure to the dark plague. He knew he would not be welcomed back into the monastery after this and decided to spend the rest of his life, not just in pursuit of knowledge, but also spreading and using it.

Sammel Lejose

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