Order of Illumination

Although mages played a very integral role in shaping [[Sander’s Reach]], an intricate course of events turned that respect turned to fear. About 50 years ago, a knight formerly of the Order of the Iron Wall, branched off from his brothers. With a fervor seldom seen in men not of the cloth, he found an astounding backing amongst the people and created a new order. This order came to known as the Order of Illumination.

They soon found a place in a tower in the city. Once they had a headquarters, they began rounding up any and all mages, forcing them to register with the Order. Strict guidelines were imposed on anyone with magical abilities. Anyone that did not cooperate were either bullied or fined until they broke.

To this day fines are still imposed on anyone not found to be registered or using excessive magic in public without proper permits. Now the presence and rules are mostly accepted by the people of [[Sander’s Reach]], although, there are always whispers of an uprising on the horizon.

Order of illumination

Order of Illumination

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