Sander's Reach

Metropolis of Sander’s Reach
Sander’s Reach is a bustling metropolis; filled with the vast sounds, smells, and tastes of a multi-cultural mecca. It’s crowded streets hold an unimaginable amount of markets, shops, services, and clergy buildings. The city is separated into 6 Towneships: Sandertowne, Sanderforge, Brightfalls, Spellwell, Marblegate, and non-officially recognized Thieves’ Landing. Each township has it’s own specific characteristics, traits, background, and services. Aside from these areas, the city also houses a massive castle by the name of Gaelmoor Tower. Sander’s Reach is the first of the three cities known as the Tri-Kingdoms and lead by The Towneship Council.

Sanders reach

Thieves’ Landing (Unofficial)

Total population:50903
Humans: 25%
Sylvari (Elves): 25%
Half-syls (Half-Elves): 15%
Khords (Dwarves): 10%
Kenders (Gnomes and Halflings): 15%
Other (Half-Orc, Goblinoids, etc): 10%

Sander's Reach

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