Galbrad Vorenn



“Where do I come from you ask? It’s a long story, but seeing as we won’t be leaving the tavern tonight, and I’m hoping I can trust you, I guess I can share my tale.. * As he adjusts the bandanna keeping the hair out of his face*

I was raised by my fathers mother, in a decent sized farming village about two-weeks horse ride from here. My father was described to me as a scholar by my grandmother, and as a nuisance by the townsfolk. Apparently my father was in search of some way to make our town prosper outside of hard work in the fields. This led him to studying many hours in his room with books he had acquired from all over the realm, one night while studying a woman knocked upon our door, hoping to share the warmth of the hearth for the night, not too long after that, my father married that woman and she became my mother, I was born shortly after that. And that’s all I know about my parents, the only other thing I ever heard from my Grandmother was about my mother, and all she would ever say was referring to my mother as that demon of a woman.

But enough about my sad sob story, my grandmother has been dead many years and I mostly kept to our residence, aside from going into town when trading crops for other needed supplies. This is where things get interesting, I was out in the field one morning, tilling, when I heard a terrified scream. I ran into the nearby woods to find a small girl up against a tree being cornered by a large wolf. I yelled and pointed in the wolfs direction in a panic and unimaginable and uncontrollable rage trying to get the wolfs attention, and when I did a beam of energy burst out of my hand and struck the wolf down. I ran over and scooped the girl up in my arms, as I touched her skin she immediately seemed even more scared, shaken to the very core. I brought her into town and she ran off, I followed her to her house where she was screaming about magic to her parents and other local townsfolk that I was familiar with. At that point I was grabbed by the townsfolk and taken to the center of town where I was questioned and beaten for being a magic user, which is frowned upon in that small-minded, no-where town. I had no idea what was going to happen to me if I stayed there any longer, I begged and pleaded to be let go, and oddly enough, one of the townsfolk during the first night’s late night watch, he turned very friendly and let me go. I rushed home, grabbed my things that I could carry and left my home. In the few years I have been traveling since then I have learned to control some of these abilities, but I still have no idea what I am, or what my purpose is. And thats what has brought me to this table, with the rest of you " adventurers".

  • Some of this is subject to change as I develop my character some more, but this is the main jist of my character, as a physical description, he’s about six foot tall, human, always wears a cloak, bandanna and a pair of leather gloves. The only possession he has of his fathers is a small stone pendant with a sigil on it, that he doesn’t understand. But he wears it at all times. And yes, he is a tiefling, but y’all don’t know that in game. He wears the gloves to make sure he doesn’t accidentally use corrupting touch on anyone, since he can’t really control it. The bandanna is to hide his horns, duh. He is also very soft spoken, and tends to not say much, considering most people aren’t very welcoming to someone who smiles to reveal a maw of fangs and otherwise abnormal sharp and dangerous looking teeth. He also keeps his tail wrapped around his waist, much like a Saiyain from DBZ.

Galbrad Vorenn

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